Theory of Cognition

The theory of cognition, as the name goes, is a theory, i.e. na explanation and an interpretation of human knowledge. It refers objectively to thoughts, in their correlation with the objects. However, the current science, by concentrating on the dogma imposed by Kant (What can I learn? Answer: “I can only lern what science predetermine”), has raised the technology of knowledge, aiming only at the “technicist production”. Thus it is applied to our cultural life by means of the media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, culture, science, etc.).

But its basic premise is: what is knowledge? This formulation allows a larger range of possibilities, since it is interested in the cogniton phenomenon (how is cognition processed in the human being?). As you will see, we should start from the “observation” and exact “description” of the object, so that we can grasp the “idea” of the phenomenon.

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